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No matter the size or complexity, IDS has the equipment, robotic fulfillment technology, and expertise to provide your business with packaging and kitting services. We build thousands of kits daily for our partners, simplifying the logistics process and reducing warehouse costs through automation, improving customer experience, providing flexibility to users, and more! We are the experts in kitting fulfillment services. Kitting, packaging, and bundling are all common ways of describing the same concept: Make purchasing multiple, related items easier by grouping them into one SKU (stock keeping unit). Kitting fulfillment is a process that is utilized by virtually every industry from fast food to cosmetics, most commonly done by retailers who sell multiple related products or offer build-your-own package options to customers.

Options for Bundling, Kitting & Packaging Solutions

IDS can assemble and fulfill point-of-purchase displays, promotional items, and product packaging as a part of our full-range of kitting and fulfillment services. Our software and processes support making kits on demand as orders come in or creation and storage of pre-made kits for quicker shipping.

We also provide complex kit building, premium packages, and shrink-wrapping services alongside reliable, economical packaging re-configuration services and management of branded or unbranded shippers and dunnage.

With packaging and kitting services from IDS Fulfillment, our warehouse workers will receive an order, then assemble multiple individual items into the finished package. We have the experience to meet your “in-chain” packaging and product configuration needs!

nutraceutical fulfillment
nutraceutical fulfillment

The Benefits of Kitting & Packaging Fulfillment Services

Wondering why you should turn to us for packaging, kitting & fulfillment services? Partnering with IDS Fulfillment has a lot of benefits!

  • Reduced costs – You can save money by leveraging our automated warehouses, workers, inventory management software, and other costs while still getting excellent picking, kitting, packaging, and fulfillment services. These cost savings can help your bottom like and improve ROI.
  • Improved ability to handle surges in demand – We’re fully prepared to handle any demand your eCommerce or retail store may experience. With a large staff of professional logistics providers on-hand, you can trust us to always deliver timely, precise, and on-budget services even during busy shopping seasons, or whenever order volumes exceed expectations.
  • Keep warehousing & kitting under the same roof – If you’re choosing to use IDS Fulfillment for warehousing and logistics services, it only makes sense to choose us for kitting fulfillment too! This ensures you get an all-in-one logistics solution for your company. That’s not all, either. We also offer return processing and a number of other value-added services to ensure you can simplify your operations with IDS Fulfillment.
  • Fulfill multiple customer needs with one transaction – When you offer options to your customers, they’re more likely to purchase everything they need in one transaction. Because of this trend, kitting has become a powerful tool in a retailer’s toolbox. The key is to make it as seamless as possible. We have years of experience with this process, so you and your customers can expect that seamless, frictionless experience every time.

Contact IDS Fulfillment to Get Started Today

If you’re interested in packaging, kitting, and fulfillment services, we’ve got you covered! We have decades of third-party logistics experience and have served thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

With our fulfillment centers throughout the US, we offer 1–5 day kitting fulfillment through robotics for all types of shipments, and we work with medium-to-large businesses to create kits for a wide variety of industries and applications. No matter what your needs may be, IDS is standing by to meet them.

We partner with companies across the country to provide customized fulfillment solutions to every possible situation. If you’re ready to see the benefits of working with an all-in-one 3PL provider, IDS Fulfillment is here for you with packaging and kitting services!

nutraceutical fulfillment

Value Add Services

IDS believes in offering a complete eCommerce fulfillment solution. This is why we have a suite of fulfillment and distribution services we can offer to compliment your fulfillment.

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