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Our returns processing center and eCommerce returns management add-on services provide efficient and effective reverse logistics for our fulfillment partners. Just like with our eCommerce fulfillment services, you can rely on our qualified staff every step of the way! Our reverse logistics management services can help in reducing your costs, speeding up turnaround times, and providing a better overall customer experience during return processing. IDS is able to make decisions on whether to place the order back in inventory, remove completely from inventory or support your efforts to move through other liquidation channels. No client wants a return, but that doesn’t mean they become a total loss for the bottom line with a good return processing system.

Why Utilize IDS Fulfillment for Return Management Services?

IDS specializes in automated fulfillment services from start to finish. By offering return fulfillment as an ad-on service to accompany our logistic services, we can provide a holistic suite of services. We strive to be at the forefront of technology and provide our partners with advanced, reliable systems that are customized to their needs.

  • Convenience – By partnering with our team you can save time and focus on the continued growth of your company not on the day-to-day complications associated with the returns process.
  • Technology – We have built reliable, stable fulfillment paths and use the latest technology in robotics and warehouse automation to manage returns and exchanges quickly and efficiently for all of our clients.
  • Dedicated support staff – You don’t have to train your employees to manage returns or hire new workers. Instead, you can just turn to the experts at IDS Fulfillment. We have a team of experienced returns management professionals who will offer responsive, seamless service.
  • Integrated solutions – We offer a full suite of 3PL services, making return processing even easier for your team. For example, if you choose us for fulfillment as well as returns shipping, we’ll provide easy return labels on packing slips and use reusable return packaging to make it simple for your customers to ship their unwanted goods back to IDS Fulfillment.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – Partnering with an eCommerce returns management company usually results in shorter overall turnaround times. Customers can get refunds or exchanges more quickly, which results in a better experience and higher rates of customer satisfaction.
nutraceutical fulfillment
nutraceutical fulfillment

Partnering with IDS

IDS Fulfillment has been providing third-party logistics services to a wide variety of companies and industries for more than 50 years, offering rapid fulfillment, reliable service, and a dedication to excellence in customer service. Partnering with us has its perks:


  • Dedicated team members – Our staff averages 12 years with our company, and we pride ourselves on hiring dedicated professionals who love their jobs and work to provide the best possible service.
  • Unbeatable stability – With 50-year track record, you’ll know you’re choosing a stable, reputable long-term partner for eCommerce returns management.
  • Flexible services – With our wide range of scalable 3PL services, we’re an all-in-one solution for all of your fulfillment needs, and we can grow with your company no matter how large or small it may be.
  • Easy-to-understand metrics – We’re dedicated to transparency, which is why we provide each client with reports about our key operating metrics to ensure that we’re meeting all of their expectations.

Why IDS Fulfillment?

As a leader in reverse logistics, you can trust IDS Fulfillment and our returns processing center to provide reliable, affordable, and convenient eCommerce returns management services. We’ve been empowering our clients with 3PL logistics services for decades and our results speak for themselves.

By working with our eCommerce returns processing center, you can boost customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and work toward your goals for long-term growth, profitability, and more. So, don’t wait. Contact us for a quote and more information about our automated warehouse returns processing services and take your first steps toward working with IDS Fulfillment today.

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Value Add Services

IDS believes in offering a complete eCommerce fulfillment solution. This is why we have a suite of fulfillment and distribution services we can offer to compliment your fulfillment.

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