When your hard work pays off, and people love your products, how do you keep them coming back? IDS’ quick and cost-effective shipping options, combined with our attention to YOUR brand, will ensure they are just as excited to receive your goods as they were when they ordered them. IDS takes our customers’ visions and helps them become a reality.

& Distribution

Reach 92% of the population with 2-day shipping through IDS’ strategically located bi-coastal facilities. With over one million square feet, advanced robotic integrations, food-grade, FDA GMP dry and temperature-controlled storage, IDS has a clean, safe and efficient environment for your tailored exclusively for your operation.

Added Services

Whether you need specialized packaging, kitting, assembly, building displays, returns processing and restocking, or even last-mile changes required by retailers, IDS has proven success in these and more. 50+ years of experience have led IDS to become experts in working closely with companies through various situations. 

Brand Focused Fulfillment Services

You have worked hard to grow your brand to where it is today. That growth should not stop when you work with a 3PL. In fact, the opposite is true! IDS’ brand-focused fulfillment services help not only maintain but grow your brand by being able to adapt to any promotion, strategy, or even market change! We do the work. You get the credit.

Our Two Center Strategy

Shipping zones are extremely important. Faster delivery means improved customer satisfaction and lower shipping costs. Whether you need an east coast, west coast or even a US based global order center; IDS has you covered!

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How IDS Fulfillment is Different

IDS’ order fulfillment centers have been providing services for over 50 years. Our processes, customization, and willingness to evolve make us a clear choice as the premier third-party logistics provider. With our distribution processing centers in Indianapolis and Salt Lake City, we are able to provide 2-day shipping to a vast majority of the United States. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with IDS Fulfillment, request a consultation today!

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We are the leading partner for warehousing and fulfillment services. We handle the entire process, from picking and packing to packaging, shipping, product tracking, and more!


What Shipping Packaging is Right for Your Business?

What Shipping Packaging is Right for Your Business?

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Returns: Making The Most of Unfortunate Situations

Returns: Making The Most of Unfortunate Situations

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We Ran a Shipping Carrier RFP and So Can You

We Ran a Shipping Carrier RFP and So Can You

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