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We believe that all orders are important, but some must be handled with more care than others. Quality medical and nutraceutical fulfillment allows healthcare professionals to provide more seamless care to patients, and similarly, excellent nutraceutical and health fulfillment ensure consumers don’t have to go without the products that enhance their quality of life. Given the fragile and sensitive nature of many medical and nutraceutical orders, end-to-end care, accuracy, and speed are necessary throughout the entire fulfillment process. This ensures the prompt and protected aspects of shipping medical equipment and medical supplies.

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Whether you’re thinking about switching from your current third party logistics providers, or you’re exploring the idea of using 3PL services instead of in-house eCommerce logistics & fulfillment for the first time, IDS Fulfillment can help. Contact us online now to speak to a representative, and see why we’re the best choice for third party logistics services.

IDS Advantage

At IDS Fulfillment, we understand that completing medical and nutraceutical fulfillment is an entirely different task than ordinary orders—it requires greater dexterity, accuracy, and attention, which is why our channels are flexible yet precise.

We are able to provide 2-day shipping to most of the United States thanks to our multiple fulfillment centers across the country, and our shipping timelines are completely transparent so you will never be left wondering where an order is. In fact, every step of our health industry fulfillment process is accompanied by an accurate and integrated tracking function, so if you want to check up on the status of an order, you won’t have to dedicate an afternoon to sitting on the phone with customer support to do it.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art distribution systems that capitalize on the newest technologies and innovations in the industry, IDS is proud to provide medical and nutraceutical fulfillment services that are fast and reliable every single time. We make sure that we handle shipping medical equipment and medical supplies with the greatest care.

We know that our distribution services are stellar, but it means nothing if our reputation doesn’t match, so we focus on complementing our impeccable medical and nutraceutical fulfillment capabilities with an excellent start-to-finish experience; that’s the IDS Advantage.

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Finding the right distribution partner for your health fulfillment as well as your medical and nutraceutical orders can feel intimidating, but IDS is here to make the process far simpler. We want to protect your orders and make sure shipping medical equipment and medical supplies is easy and safe. We’re so confident that we can provide the highest quality service in this arena at the best price that we’re willing to offer you a fulfillment quote at no charge.

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