End-to-End 3PL Services

The IDS Fulfillment team strives to deliver a seamless shipping and delivery experience for your company and your customers. Our strategically located facilities and relationships with established shipping and parcel delivery services allow us to reduce shipping costs by consolidating packages and negotiating better rates for our reliable end-to-end services. We do it all at IDS⎯from picking and packing to shipping orders, tracking shipments, ensuring fulfillment, and processing and handling returns.

It’s our priority to stay up to date with industry technology. Our unique dashboards and robotic fulfillment technology allow you to track your shipments and packages every step of the way. Through the integration of reliable services, our advanced warehouse automation technology, and a comprehensive approach to 3PL Shipping, our service is a cut above the competition.

Whether you’re an online eCommerce entrepreneur with a quickly growing business, or you work in retail and are expanding into an omnichannel approach, IDS Fulfillment is here to provide you with the expert third-party shipping and fulfillment service you need ⎯nationwide!

When to turn to 3PL Shipping

The main reason businesses turn to Third-Party Logistics services is to be proactive. As a business grows, it can sometimes be difficult and costly for all aspects to grow with it. Whether it’s supply, packing, or Shipping that needs to catch up, it may be an essential part of the workflow. When one point of the supply chain is falling behind, everything can start to fall behind. Growth is the most important goal of any business; it’s what we all strive for. What happens when there’s a surge of orders, and you don’t have the resources to fulfill them promptly? The workflow is inhibited. Who does that affect the most? Your customers. If your customers aren’t gaining satisfaction, then this becomes a loss to you.


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3PLs are designed to aid businesses of all sizes to aid in the company’s growth. In the world we live in today, customers expect products to appear to them in an instant. As the people behind the scenes, we know it’s much more complicated than that. A Third-Party logistics company allows the behind-the-scenes to become less complicated for you so you and your team can focus on the other crucial parts of the business.

Determining when you may need to turn to a 3PL for outsourced supply chain services and management will be easy. Whether you’re running out of time in a day, running out of storage space for inventory, or your current infrastructure is holding on by a thread and cannot handle a demand surge, it’s time to turn to a 3PL.

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Benefits of 3PL Shipping with IDS Fulfillment

There are several benefits to using a 3PL for your shipping needs, including the ability to expand your reach and scalability. We partner with established shipping companies at IDS Fulfillment and use an advanced approach to order picking, packing, and fulfillment to provide fast and reliable third-party Shipping throughout the United States. Broaden your business’s potential limits by utilizing our strategically located warehouses in Indianapolis, IN, and Salt Lake City, UT.

When partnering with IDS Fulfillment for your shipping needs, you’re partnering with our knowledgeable team of experts and staying up to date with the latest industry trends so you can divert the energy of learning new processes at every turn to more pertinent aspects of the business.

IDS Fulfillment: Making the Switch to 3PL Shipping Simple

At IDS, we understand making the switch to a third-party logistics team can be difficult. A common misconception with 3PLs is that you give up control when you partner with one. This is not the typical experience with IDS. Here are just a few reasons our customers keep coming back to us year after year for all their 3PL services, including Shipping:

  • Flexibility: IDS is here for you. At IDS Fulfillment, we can handle the shipment of a wide range of consumer goods. This not only offers you the flexibility your company needs but also offers your customers the flexibility they’re looking for. We all know that today’s customers are as demanding as ever.  
  • Stability: We have served our clients responsibly and reliably throughout our over six decades of expertise. You can’t afford any instability when it comes to customized order fulfillment. Stability is everything, and you can rely on IDS Fulfillment to earn and keep your trust.  
  • Dedication: Our team of full-time staff members is dedicated to building a strong, sustainable business. Along with our low turnover rates and years of expertise, you’ll get third-party logistics services you can rely on. 
  • Integrated, comprehensive solutions: We aim to provide exactly what you need at IDS Fulfillment. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive shipping and fulfillment services to our clients. If you require only one or two value-added services, we also offer “a la carte” solutions. This ensures you are getting the services you need when you need them. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. 

For these reasons, IDS Fulfillment is the best choice for 3PL services throughout the US. Our team is ready to help you need and exceed your key metrics and build a better business⎯bolstering your bottom line.  

If you need a partner for third-party shipping services, IDS Fulfillment is here to help. Contact us online to request a quote or to learn more about our 3PL shipping services to see how you can benefit from working with IDS Fulfillment.

Value Add Services

IDS believes in offering a complete eCommerce fulfillment solution. This is why we have a suite of fulfillment and distribution services we can offer to compliment your fulfillment.

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