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If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that things can change very rapidly. This is especially true in the eCommerce world. Projections and sales growth are constantly changing. Marketing keeps coming up with innovative ideas to help sell more product and operations must adapt. CEO’s are changing company strategy and again operations must adapt. Working with flexible fulfillment partners that can adapt to your ever changing business is key to driving success in any eCommerce business.

Why Flexible 3PL Partners?

Having partners that are responsive to your changing business needs is key. Whether its an influx of orders causing a higher demand for boxes then originally forecasted or an the addition of new products that challenges storage and fulfillment layout, all businesses face changes. Finding a fulfillment partner, a packaging supplier, a carrier or a material handling company that is able to provide flexible solutions to meet your company demands will ensure a long term partnership and lead to KPI’s continuing to be met.

Finding a Flexible 3PL Partner

Finding a partner who can provide flexible solutions is beneficial, but finding such a partner is difficult. Companies often focus on finding a partner that can best fit their current demands without thinking much about their future needs and how their business might change. Although it is difficult to foresee the unpredictable, it is not difficult to find a partner that can help when changes occur.

When searching for any operational partner it is important to have a thorough vetting process. While price is important it should never be the only factor. Understanding how companies like third party fulfillment partners can be flexible in the operations to meet your changing demands is equally as important. Through the vetting process ensure that you understand how the prospective partner has been flexible with their current customers and especially what factors within their operations allows them to be flexible. Talking to references especially long term clients can be helpful. This can give you an understanding of how they have adapted in the past and better understand what will allow them to be flexible in the future.

Flexible Fulfillment Partner

Having a flexible fulfillment partner does not mean they need to change processes or procedures to meet your needs, but rather the processes and procedures they have are proven to have enabled them to adapt to meet the needs of their customers. Third party fulfillment providers should not be a hindrance to your business, they should be a strategic partner working with you to help achieve your vision and growth as a company.

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