Featuring IDS Customer Service Coordinator, Gina Reisinger

Mike DeFabis
Outside of the IDS Fulfillment Center

IDS is excited to feature Gina Reisinger in May’s employee spotlight. Gina joined IDS in 2013 and immediately started making an impact. Gina was promoted to Customer Service Coordinator in July 2014, and has been rocking it since. In this position, she manages onboarding new customers, training new Customer Service Representatives, and provides leadership and support to the entire CSR team. Along with that, she also works closely with IT, sales, accounting, and warehousing, helping each department meet their different goals.

Gina has been working in customer service for more than 20 years. As someone who loves working with and around people, this is a good position for sure. Gina also lives a full life outside of work. With 7 children (3 step children)  and 11 grandchildren, it’s hard to imagine a boring home life. When she’s not working, Gina enjoys traveling, and has had the opportunity to do so more recently, scrapbooking, and planning parties.

When asked, she said “I try my best to stay positive every day and bring smiles to all. I love the team here at IDS, as each person plays a special role to make the company a success.” We are definitely lucky to have a person like Gina as part of the IDS family. We are excited to continue working with such a dedicated and wonderful lady.

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