New technology trends in E-commerce have helped to shape the future of fulfillment in the retail space and have opened the doors to new possibilities for companies of all sizes. By harnessing the power of technology and replacing legacy systems with innovative solutions, fulfillment centers can offer faster and more reliable service to their customers and partners.

Automations in E-commerce

Of these new technology trends in e-commerce, there are a few worth noting that have helped to increase both efficiency and productivity in distribution and fulfillment centers across the globe using high-tech automation. At IDS Fulfillment, our own centers were updated in 2021 to include advanced automations in E-commerce to improve the speed with which we serve our customers.


Yes, robots. Just like other larger fulfillment centers, IDS Fulfillment has implemented Locus Robotics to make picking, packing, and shipping faster than ever before. By scanning barcodes that have been placed strategically on the warehouse floor, these robots are given directions and create a steady flow of pod deliveries to our staff, who then carry out their essential fulfillment tasks.


Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, and numerous other eWallets have changed the landscape for consumers and enabled them to purchase items easier and faster without searching for their actual wallets and typing in credit card information. This technology works to boost online sales for e-commerce companies and helps them increase their sales considerably.

Mobile-Dominated Online Sales

Americans use their mobile devices to both research products and make purchases, a trend that has grown substantially in recent years. Businesses adapting their processes can benefit greatly by focusing on mobile-oriented experiences throughout the buying process.

IDS Fulfillment Believes in New E-commerce Technologies

New technology in E-commerce is constantly emerging, and IDS Fulfillment is committed to staying up-to-date to offer enhanced service for our customers. Request a consultation today to discover how your business can take advantage of these new technology trends in E-commerce.