Social Media Tips to Amp Up Holiday Sales

Mike DeFabis
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By now, you should have already been planning your holiday season. But social media preparations can often be easy to overlook. With a content calendar, you can feel that you are creating consistent brand experiences that builds true brand followers. Be sure to follow these steps to ensure your social media presence stands up to the most important selling season for online and store retailers.

Give Your Websites and Posts Some Holiday Flair: Avoid bombarding customers with a cluster of “Buy Now!” messages. Selling messages should only make up about 20-25% of your social media posts. Design the rest of your messages to engage customers socially without directly selling. This is the perfect time of year to send out how-tos, tip lists, and even holiday social media contests. There is nothing wrong with offering tips can relate back to your business. If your specialty is beverage, provide tips on how to make the best eggnog or spiked apple ciders. The most important thing you can do is offer shoppers direct and engaging content with the opportunity to speak with you.

Offer Exclusive Deals and Sneak Peaks: Initially, this will encourage shoppers to visit your product pages. Offering them exclusive offers and deals will keep your customers engaged in your company through this peak season. If people like and share the deals, you can gain new followers and create social discussion around your business and products offered. You can use the same deals you offer on your website on social media, but spice it up and make the social part of the deals exclusive. Build anticipation through Facebook or Twitter; let your shoppers know you’ll reveal your daily deal when you reach a specific number of likes or click-throughs. You can also offer an exclusive sneak peek at the deals you will offer by posting images on social media in advance of the sale.

Make the Last Shipping Day Known: The National Retail Federation says that procrastinators and bargain hunters take their times getting their holiday shopping started. It is estimated that between 35 and 45 percent of holiday shoppers hadn’t started their shopping by mid-November. Make a social event out of reminding shoppers about the last day they can buy from you and receive guaranteed delivery on or before December 24. You can create a Facebook event on your page emphasizing the last day shipping and they’ll receive notifications in their newsfeed. You can add small reminders with general holiday images and post them in status updates. Be gentle about it, but make sure you are also being very clear so everyone gets what they need.

Be Available to Answer Questions: Ecommerce business owners and experts and there’s no better social media engagement strategy than answering questions and offering advice during the holidays. Start a conversation and invite shoppers to share their experiences and ask questions about your products. During the holiday selling season, you can expand on this by posting images, ideas and FAQs about specific products that make great holiday gifts. Encourage your customers to ask questions and share advice, but do not forget to check for new messages so you don’t leave holiday shoppers waiting for a reply.

Give Back: It’s Christmas, so it’s the season of giving, even for retailers. Consider a charity or cause you can donate a percentage of your revenue to for a portion of the holiday season. Nearly 90% of consumers say they would switch to a charitable brand that offers a similar price and quality, so it will likely work for your business. Once you have picked a cause, look for opportunities to add a social spin to the efforts and encourage your followers to share your posts with special promotions. Consider how you use your social media platforms for something more during the holidays. By removing the barrier between you and your customers, you will improve their brand experience and encourage customer loyalty that can last long beyond the holidays.

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