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In a retail world that relies more and more on eCommerce as a primary market avenue, pick and pack fulfillment services are more vital than ever. IDS focuses on our customers and their brand with processes and procedures designed around your business and products.   Our capabilities, flexibility and process driven approach enable our clients to aggressively pursue their own marketing, branding, and sales opportunities knowing that they can back it up with a responsive and successful experience through to unboxing in their customer’s homes.  IDS provides the platform that will scale with our customers and continue to meet the KPI’s that are important to your business.  

What is Pick & Pack Fulfillment?

Warehouse picking and packing is the process of picking individual items from the shelves of a warehouse and packing them to be shipped to the consumer. The first step, picking, can be done using several different methods. IDS utilizes each of the different methods based on which would be the most efficient for both your time and money while ensuring maximum accuracy in delivery. These methods are piece, batch, zone, and wave pick and packing.


nutraceutical fulfillment
nutraceutical fulfillment

Pick & Pack Methods

  • Piece Picking – The most common form of pick and pack fulfillment. Piece picking is performed by retrieving each item individually from an order sheet. This process works well for small orders, it can be time-consuming as pickers may end up walking across a warehouse multiple times in order to complete one order.
  • Batch Picking – enables increased efficiency when compared to piece picking. By using multiple lists, usually ones that share items, and grabbing the overall quantity needed there before moving on to the next item a picker can complete multiple orders at once. This cuts down on the amount of traveling the employee does across the warehouse and the amount of time that each order takes.
  • Zone Picking – This method has been becoming more popular due to the increased efficiency it leads to. Zone picking keeps the employee in a specified area zone where they only pick products in that zone before passing the list on to the next zone. This significantly cuts down on the traveling required for piece pick and packing while increasing the efficiency of batch pick and packing.
  • Wave Picking – An evolution of zone picking and keeps the employee in one zone, but they work on more than one list at a time. This method also leads to improved efficiencies and addresses the downside of Zone picking being fixed to one location.

IDS Warehouse Management System

Regardless of the goal, the WMS is what drives IDS as a leader in the pick and pack fulfillment industry. Designed to automate and optimize the overall operations, the WMS keeps a live record of all inventory and orders allowing our clients able to instantly find any order status.

This system is also a key in maintaining accuracy, with employees updating each order at every step of the way. It’s the WMS that allows IDS the ability to not only focus on efficiency and accuracy, but scalability. Online ordering is a living ecosystem, fluctuating based on any given day or time of year. IDS offers flexibility across the board, including flex labor, integrated robotic systems,  increased staffing, and the ability to add additional stations as needed. This allows us to provide top-level, white-glove service to our customers with minimal delays or disruptions.

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nutraceutical fulfillment

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IDS believes in offering a complete eCommerce fulfillment solution. This is why we have a suite of fulfillment and distribution services we can offer to compliment your fulfillment.

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