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IDS Fulfillment provides automated warehouse kitting and distribution services in the USA via our Indiana and Utah locations. All IDS facilities are temperature controlled and meet FDA requirements for food, medical devices, over-the-counter products, and cosmetics.

Our Fulfillment Storage

Our fulfillment centers combined equate to over 1 million square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space that provides efficient storage and distribution capability to help your organization serve customers across the nation. We have the ability to ship to all major retailers as well as direct to end customers, reaching 92% of the United States with 2-day shipping. IDS offers a clear advantage with our facility’s adaptability and flexibility:

  • Cold Storage – Various industries need reliable cold storage warehouse solutions, and all of our facilities are equipped to offer the space required to serve their end-users quickly and efficiently.
  • Space – Regardless of your storage or fulfillment needs, we have more than enough room to store your items securely as they come and go through our facilities.
  • Location – Strategically located in Indianapolis and Salt Lake City, our three fulfillment centers enable highly efficient warehouse kitting & distribution services for the USA to assist your organization in moving stock quickly.

Efficient Shipping & Distribution Services

Indianapolis and Salt Lake City are both crossroad cities, and we’ve chosen them for good reason. We have the ability to provide 92% of the United States with 2-day shipping, meaning that you can decrease customer wait times, increase your production and distribution capabilities, and achieve higher profits. IDS Fulfillment is able to satisfy increasing needs for warehousing and distribution services throughout the USA and help your organization grow.

Industry Leading Technology

IDS Fulfillment is able to offer creative, customized solutions thanks to our investment in modern technology. We focus on automation strategies, custom software tools, and advanced robotics that yield the most significant benefits to our customers including our WMS and Inventory Management Systems which provide our customers with accurate, real-time insights. Manage your product levels, order activities, and more with access at your fingertips and get a better handle on your operations in order to ensure stable growth. Our robotic fulfillment systems enable you to improve your processes which can help you cut costs, reduce inaccuracies, and provide a better overall service to your customers.

Simply put, when you succeed, we succeed. We have a vested interest in providing you with an unmatched experience and we are serious when it comes to efficient fulfillment and warehousing services. With simplified parcel shipping and the ability to manage complex profiles, high-value products, seasonal sales, multi-channel sales, and more, our team can deliver on the promises that you need us to make.

Schedule a consultation with our team today to learn more about how IDS Fulfillment can help your business succeed with reliable warehousing & distribution services in the USA.

Value Add Services

IDS believes in offering a complete eCommerce fulfillment solution. This is why we have a suite of fulfillment and distribution services we can offer to compliment your fulfillment.

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